Through the ages

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In 1800 BC, Babylon was the biggest city in the world. Queen Sobekneferu of Egypt died, heralding the start of the 13th and 14th Dynasties. In India, the Iron Age got underway. And on the western slope of what is … Continue reading

She loves winter

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I have been doing little illustrations and fancy typography of cute quotes from books that I love. This was the first one, featuring (of course), that cheeky Mademoiselle Madeline (you know the one: she lives in an old house in … Continue reading


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We all need it. Sometimes we really, REALLY need it. I needed it this week. The past few days have been, well… awful. Some pretty horrible stuff has been going down. Anyway, WE WILL ALL BE OK. Which is why … Continue reading

First harvest

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Once upon a time, our remote hunter-gatherer ancestors figured out that they could improve the quality and quantity of their food supply if they helped it out a bit, by adding a splash of water here, a spot of compost … Continue reading

The calm

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Today my children and I went for a walk in the park. That is all it was. No drama, no grand and creative ideas. No picnics no bubbles no balls no pigeon-chasing. Harry was awake, but not crying. He wasn’t … Continue reading

These days

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  These autumn days are wild and windswept. One moment they are humid and heavy, ripe with old summer gone to seed. Sun-hats and sunscreen and sweaty sheets, kicked off in the night. The next, the air turns cold and … Continue reading